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Cleaning Out the Garage: Protecting Your Home and Safety

Every home has a room, garage or basement storage area that has become the catchall of home improvement projects, unwanted items, and leftover chemicals. You may no longer be able to see the walls, just throw the next box on top of the pile and hope it doesn't fall over. Kensington Insurance wishes to help Arlington Heights, IL homeowners understand how cleaning up can improve the value of their home.

Can't Repair What You Can't See

Whether your garage has developed a crack in the foundation, has a broken window or simply a rusted lock on the back door, if it is full of long forgotten toys, sports equipment and cast-off Christmas decorations, you will never fix the structural problems. With an attached structure, this can cause real damage to occur to the main house if left alone. For a detached unit, security and loss of property is a real possibility when you ignore it.

Dispose of Chemical Waste Safely

Should an accident occur where shelving fails or a fire takes place, what kind of toxic cocktail of smoke may be generated by improperly stored items? If you have no idea what still exists out there, take the time to get rid of leftover fertilizers, paints, and other chemicals by contacting your local municipality for assistance.

Add Value and Use to Your Home

Imagine for a moment that you could actually park you car in its intended space, or be able to find all the holiday decorations quickly. Imagine that you are selling your home and there is a neat and orderly space that is attractive to shoppers. Even simply being able to store the lawnmower in a locked and secure area adds value to your home.

Kensington Insurance serves the Arlington Heights, IL area. Their independent insurance agents will be happy to help you select the right home insurance policy to protect your family and property.

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